How do you handle those loads of toys in your creche and early years?

(I am aware of the impulse buying habits of Early Years leaders, especially in this clime😍😍😍😍😍)

Well, if you load children with plenty toys that they get really familiar with over time, you will discover they will get bored and won’t really think of other creative ways to explore the toys. So how do we keep children’s curiosity and exploration level?

By TOY ROTATION practice.

First, put your toys into categories. Toys by center or key areas of learning. Number toys, Reading and writing toys, Letter sounds toys, Understanding the world toys and so on. If you have limited space, try plastic storage (big buckets with lids) and shelves.

Second, divide up the toys into two sets.

Next, occupy the children with the first set for a period, say 3months.

After three months, pack them up and give them the second set.

With toy rotation, you keep their interest and heighten their curiosity and you benefit because you are able to keep the toys for a longer period.

When rotating toys, don’t forget to check, repair, dispose or replace

Plastic toys for chipped off edge

Broken parts

Small parts that can choke young children

Sharp edges that can pierce

Oluwaseun Oduola