Interview is a major way of determining if the person right in front of you is suitable for the job role available. An excellent practice for a well conducted interview is to have a set of pre-determined questions that will elicit the information needed to make the right decision.

Below are questions I have found to be very useful for me over the years.

✓ What interactive story book or nursery rhyme can you use to teach Maths? Identify counting, Shapes, colours or size in your story.

✓ Bring a PSED topic to life by story telling to a 3years old. What props and materials will you use?

✓ What FMS Activities can you recommend for a 2years old?

✓ How do you conduct circle time that reinforce circle time skills like Listening, speaking, concentrating and teamwork?

✓ Describe what your classroom will look like?

✓ If a child bit another child, what would you do?

✓ How do you handle a child that does not want to participate in an activity?

✓ How would you communicate to a parent that their child had a bad day?

✓ How would you communicate a child’s academic or behavioural challenges to a parent?

✓ What is your first responsibility when responding to a parent’s complaint?

✓ Why did you leave your last Preschool?

✓ How will you connect with your co-workers?

✓ Tell me a time you had disagreement with a supervisor and how did you handle it?

✓ Tell me about a major success you had at work

✓ Tell me about a time you failed at work and how did you turn it around?

✓ What assets are you bringing to the team?

The list is endless. What I have written here will give you a clue to the direction you should be going when asking questions during the interview. You can add more and more questions that caters to the peculiar needs of your Preschool and your expectations.

And when you interview – Listen, pay attention, observe spoken words, facial expressions and body language.

Recruitment process involves a lot of step by step actions that doesn’t start with interview. So ensure you have done your homework before you call people for interview.

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See you soon

Oluwaseun Oduola
Early Years Consultant 💕