Amazing fam,

I know that you are already tired of hearing about COVID-19, but unfortunately, this is our reality and we need to do our best to ensure we keep our heads above the waters, especially in our early years business.

Today we are going to talk about employing the right people when you are ready. Now, this is a crucial thing to discuss because our emotions can get a better part of us in this uncertain times and we begin to make mistakes in our choices. To avoid this, I will be highlighting key actions in recruitment process that can help you. Let’s go🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌

✓ Review the applicant’s CV before you set up interviews. Ensure what you have tallys with your job profile.

✓ Ask the applicant questions that will help you to gauge how they MIGHT respond in various situations. For instance, ask how they responded to irate parents or how they settled a rift with their former supervisor.

✓ Check the reference that the person has listed on the CV. Call them and have a candid conversation with them

✓ Ask the applicant where they see themselves in the next 2 to 3 years. This will give you insight into whether a person is looking for a job or career. Then it will also help you see who is relocating soon because of marriage or post graduate program. That will tell you whether they are in for the long haul or just to pass few months.

✓ Make it mandatory that ALL of your applicant complete an observation day where they work in their desired position for the day to determine if your Creche or Preschool is the right fit for them. You can decide if they would be an excellent fit for your brand. Check to see how the applicant interacts with the children. Listen to see if their tone is reassuring and watch how the children interact with them. Look to see if they provide the children with clear instructions rather than assume and wait to see if they give the child positive reinforcement and give them a chance to choose their activities.

✓ Due to COVID-19 make sure to conduct a health-wellness check on the potential new hire before they engage with the children to maintain the safety of everyone

✓ Require that the applicant bring all the original documents to process their employment request

✓ Request that the applicant meets with various members of your team to get feedback from alternate perspectives. This is the same reason I always advocate for interview panel consisting of old members of staff who knows the job and understand the vision of your Preschool. With them on the panel, you can have a robust outlook on the applicant and take a more informed decision.

✓ Meet with the applicant via zoom first before you invite them for their in-person interview. This will allow you to interact with them in two different settings.

These are some basics things to do and look for in your recruitment process. There are so many in-between when it comes to HR in Early Years and you know that I am your go-to person if you have any challenge in staffing and personnel.

I look forward to your questions and experiences about staffing.

Oluwaseun Oduola
Early Years Consultant 💕